Since its creation in 2008, the Meringoff Family Foundation has given over $35,000,000 to 146 nonprofits, the vast majority of which are New York City-based. In 2022, we awarded $2,233,000 to 54 organizations.


As a family, our primary philanthropic mission is to make hands-on investments in emerging non-profits deploying new approaches to level the playing field for young New Yorkers.


We began our work with a sole focus on public education initiatives in NYC, investing in multiyear, sequential programs where adult mentors guide young people to high school graduation and significantly increased options in the years beyond.  We have expanded our giving program to include cutting-edge medical research, animal welfare, and youth with disabilities.

We actively engage in a dialogue with our non-profit partners to identify unmet needs and leverage our seed capital to help them develop new and transformative programs.  Throughout the grant period, we strive to maintain an active, mutually beneficial relationship with our partners through regular meetings, site visits, and the sharing of resources.

Our multiyear grants are generally limited to three years.

We are accessible, responsive, flexible, and approach our work with enthusiasm, humility, and an open mind. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to work with each of our grantee partners and greatly respect their hard work, dedication, and time. 

“At a certain moment in my life, I realized that there was a burning desire on my part to give back to the city that has been so good to me. I have always believed that in the first third of your life you learn, the second third you earn, and the final third you return.  

The Meringoff Family Foundation is my vehicle for giving back to New York City, and it is particularly meaningful that my children participate fully with me in the joy of philanthropy.”

Stephen J. Meringoff