Friends of NYC Nurse-Family Partnership

Friends of New York City Nurse-Family Partnership improves the lives of vulnerable mothers and babies by expanding the resources and programming of the renowned Nurse-Family Partnership program in New York City. NYC NFP provides a nurse to visit a first-time, low-income mother from pregnancy until her child is age two; the Friends add additional services, such as financial support for a mom's school or career expenses and group activities for moms that provide life-skills programming and opportunities for socialization.  A Gen Two challenge grant will allow the Friends to significantly increase the number of educational grants it awards young mothers annually, while an additional Gen 2 grant will seed a fund to provide professional development opportunites for participating nurses.

“When my nurse told me that the Friends' Heart's Desire Fund could help with my tuition and pay for a few months of Metro Cards, I thought she was an angel. Otherwise I would have had to take out a loan or skip a semester to get a job. I am doing my best to finish school quickly so that I can start on a career path to support my family. It is very challenging to go to school because I sometimes I have to take 4 trains each way. Now I have a lot less financial stress and I can spend my non-school time with my son."