Good Dog Foundation

This operating grant will support the planning of pilot programs to train healthcare workers and other professionals in using therapy dogs to enhance outcomes for children on the autism spectrum, patients in rehabilitation following stroke, and veterans with PTSD.  Good Dog will simultaneously continue to field nearly 1,000 volunteer teams of human handler and therapy dog who work to relieve stress and trauma from disease, disability and disaster.  The certified volunteers complete an innovative and exhaustive training curriculum to ensure the highest quality of compassionate care.

“My Good Dog Bailey and I have been visiting a school for children with special needs in Brooklyn for the last six years. I knew Bailey would be great with kids and he is now a part of the school’s family. When we arrive at the school, someone announces ‘Bailey is in the house,’ and the children and staff gather. They sing to him, read to him, and cuddle with him. I have witnessed sad faces turn to happy faces just by seeing Bailey walk down the hall… I am so happy to be a part of this work. I never knew how rewarding it would be.”