Broome Street Academy

Broome Street Academy (BSA) is a charter high school that offers a rigorous academic curriculum alongside extensive services to support New York City’s most vulnerable students, including those who have experienced housing instability or are involved in the foster care and child welfare systems. Through the school’s integration and co-location with The Door, all BSA students have access to a free and extensive range of health, counseling, career, legal, nutrition, and housing services.

MFF renewal support will sustain BSA’s Advanced Placement (AP) program, which had grown from two to eight classes through our initial funding.  Our current grant also supports the expansion of BSA’s post-secondary planning services  to students in all grades.

“The fact that Broome Street Academy now offers AP classes and will be able to add more makes this school perfect for me, not only am I able to attend a school that offers counseling health care, arts and music, I can now take classes that lead to college credit, and make me a more competitive applicant to college.”