The Opportunity Network

OppNet provides high potential public high school students from low-income communities with a range of supports to help ensure that they are accepted to best-fit colleges, thrive and graduate from college, and are ultimately prepared to access and succeed in their careers.  It serves more than 650 students across a rigorous six-year Fellows program, starting the summer after 10th grade and continuing through college graduation and job attainment.  

Meringoff Foundation funding has allowed OppNet to hire its first-ever staff social worker, who in addition to working with individual students, will inform curriculum development to ensure that wellness and self-care are embedded into all programming.

 “When I look back at the entire college process, everything OppNet gave us was so helpful and all the support we got was incredible. I know people who do not get the type of support I get from OpppNet, and I end up helping them because of what I learned.”