Weill Cornell Medical College / Department of Ophthalmology

Our support of Weill Cornell's Department of Ophthalmology is helping to establish and develop a world-class ophthalmic center in Tanzania.  Currently, there is scant opthalmolic medical training there, as well as a corresponding epidemic of minor but untreated eye ailments leading to blindness. The new center will bring high quality ophthalmic services to patients in Tanzania, modernize existing infrastructure and medical equipment, provide ophthalmic training to local doctors and medical staff, and create a resident exchange program that will host and train Tanzanian ophthalmologists at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City. 

“I am very grateful to have this incredible opportunity as an international fellow and observer at Weill Cornell Ophthalmology.  It has allowed me to expand my clinical expertise in the care of patients with diverse eye conditions. I will bring the knowledge of new technology and expert skills home to Tanzania to improve eye care and help relieve the burden of blindness in my country. During my visit, I appreciated the high professionalism, competence and ‘ready to share knowledge attitude’ of the doctors at Weill Cornell Ophthalmology.”

--Dr. Frank Albert Sandi