Breakthrough NY

Breakthrough New York empowers motivated students from low-income communities to access and graduate from college. The tuition-free, ten-year program provides academic and social enrichment while preparing students to succeed in selective high schools, colleges, and careers.

The Foundation's most recent grant funds Breakthrough New York's college access mentorship program, in which young people coach Breakthrough high schools students through the college application process. 

"Next year, my 12th graders will be graduating and those will be the same students I started with [in] 8th grade. It will be such a beautiful way to come full circle, because I taught writing in 8th grade and we were working on personal statements to get into high school, so it will be so beautiful to close it out by working with them on their essays to get into college. I want [these students] to know that you can break out of your circumstances. You can create the life that you want, if you work hard and are strategic and smart about it." (Current College Access Coach)