Chocolate Milk Cafe National

Chocolate Milk Café is a free, peer-to-peer lactation support group where family members of the African diaspora who provide human milk to their children gather in a sacred space to receive adequate support.  Through a growing network of national chapters, attendees have access to Black Certified Facilitators and Lactation Professionals who support them on their journey. 

Gen 2 funding will support the hire of a fundraising consultant as well as the professional development of participants who wish to become licensed Lactation Professionals. 

"Having an explicitly black space to learn, grow, and celebrate breastfeeding and parenting is tremendously empowering. I have been able to better advocate for my child at the pediatrician with the information and confidence I have garnered through the group. I’m able to discuss challenges in the group and get support without fear of judgement or risk. We are able to celebrate our black joy and the nuance of nourishing for our children in a community that uplifts in all ways, always.”