Epic Theatre Ensemble

Significant multiyear operating support enables Epic's teaching artists to reach over 1800 public high school students annually at six under-resourced NYC schools in sequential grade-wide residencies. About 180 of these students also participate in afterschool programming where they closely study a Shakespeare play, adapt it to a contemporary setting, and perform this “Remix” for a general audience.  

Current Foundation funding focuses on helping Epic build pathways to college access and workforce leadership for these students, through one-on-one mentorship that begins their junior year and continues through college and into the workforce, providing Alums with new employment opportunities that will expand Epic's reach. 

"The simple truth is, I would not be where I am today without Epic's artists.  And I can say the same for my peers.  Epic challenged me to raise my personal bar of excellence academically, artistically, even politically. And now I am on a Theatre scholarship at Muhlenberg College alongside 4 other Epic alums."