Katie Piper Foundation

The Katie Piper Foundation is a small but national charity with the UK’s only dedicated rehabilitation service, providing both remote and in-person support for survivors of burns and traumatic scarring.  It offers practical, integrated rehabilitation informed by the needs of survivors, many of whom are overlooked and marginalized. Founded by Katie Piper, a survivor of an acid attack, the foundation seeks to reconnect survivors with their lives and communities while working to create a world where scars do not limit a person’s function, social inclusion, or sense of wellbeing.

“I’m a survivor of burns as a result of an acid attack that happened in a case of mistaken identity. After the attack, I was left with blindness, breathing problems, and a face that would never look like the old me again. By working with the healthcare specialists and survivors at The Katie Piper Foundation, those seconds of violence didn’t put an end to my faith in humanity, my independence, or my ability to be a husband and dad.”