The Nature Conservancy in Florida

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is a global environmental nonprofit working in 76 countries to boldly address the biodiversity and climate crisis. In Florida and beyond, TNC is protecting and restoring natural infrastructure to reduce the impact of coastal hazards related to climate change. Climate change’s impacts are especially pressing for the nearly 14 million people who live in Florida’s coastal counties and as Florida’s population rapidly grows, the natural world faces extraordinary pressures to provide for more people. Rising sea levels and swelling storm surges threaten coastal communities with flooding and erosion, putting people and property at risk.

Gen 2 funding supports Climate Adaptation initiatives, where natural infrastructure—like mangroves, salt marshes, and oyster reefs—buffer storm surges, protect coastal communities from sea level rise, restore habitat, and improve water quality.

"With the impacts of climate change becoming more and more evident, the need to find innovative solutions that help us adapt becomes more urgent."

        --Temperince Morgan TNC Florida Executive Director