America On Tech

America On Tech (AOT) is a national nonprofit organization committed to decreasing racial wealth gap in underserved and underestimated communities by creating pathways for students of color into degrees and careers in technology. AOT programs are structured to end cycles of poverty; put students towards a path to economic empowerment; enable under-resourced schools to deliver high quality tech-education; advance multiple career pathways for young people; and go beyond education to ensure that underestimated students are positioned for success. MFF funding is supporting AOT to further innovate its Internship and Alumni Relations Program in NYC. 

"AOT has impacted my life greatly and helped me think very positively. I have been able to learn more about the world of tech and understand that I have many traits and skills that I am able to demonstrate in a workplace. Things that have been taught to me range from HTML, CSS JavaScript, all the way to learning how to present myself in a professional manner. AOT makes sure that as a young individual, I am prepared for the obstacles I will face in life, while also helping me build up my confidence, which is something I will always value."