The Flying Doctors

Since 2011, The Flying Doctores and its dedicated partners have completed 17 short-term medical, dental, and surgical clinics to the Sud-Est of Haiti, the country’s most underserved area.  These medical missions are staffed by volunteer American doctors and nurses working alongside Haitian professionals.  The organization also provides a full-time Haitian nurse and bi-monthly Haitian doctor for continuing care between clinics.  Lead funding from the Meringoff Foundation’s supports all aspects of this vital work.

"I recently returned from my 6th trip to Haiti with the Flying Doctors providing medical and dental care to the Southeast area of Haiti. We partner with local Haitian professionals to see several hundred patients during a typical seven-day clinic…[with] a wide assortment of diseases linked to extreme poverty and malnutrition. It is an exhausting and physically demanding trip but we do some very good work for the most neglected population in the western hemisphere. I return acutely cognizant of all the wonderful things we take for granted here at home and look forward to going back as soon as possible" -- Dr. David Sofen