GO Project

The GO Project helps New York City public school students thrive in the earliest stages of their education through year-round academic, social-emotional, and family support. 

Renewed MFF funding for the new Alumni Workforce Initiative will give former GO students the opportunity to receive paid internship and employment experience across GO program sites, providing hands-on training with instructional and operational staff and the chance to develop professional and leadership skills in a nonprofit setting. This new program is part of GO Project's efforts to create structures of support for success in high school, college, and careers of choice after students graduate from GO in the 8th Grade. 


"I've been in GO Project since the 1st Grade. It's an environment where you feel safe. I genuinely love it here, it's better than real school. I keep coming back to GO because the people who work here are so sweet and I want to get good grades in school, especially math ... You keep on learning and you keep on growing at GO. My mom says one day I'm going to work here."

- Lanese, 7th Grade