Legal Outreach

Legal Outreach changes the educational trajectory of students from underserved NYC communities with programs that foster vision, enhance academic skills, build confidence, and provide support throughout their four years of high school. Our multiyear grant assists in the relaunch of “Transition to College”, which includes workshops to help LO’s seniors prepare for college life, as well as individual advising sessions the following year to ensure that these same students, now college Freshmen, persist and thrive.

“Having these Transition to College Workshops has been really helpful. We're covering topics about college that I didn't know about and that my school will probably not be covering in such detail, if at all.  We've already talked about the overall college experience, class scheduling, how to read a syllabus, building relationships with our professors, and roommate conflict resolution.  I feel so much more informed and am getting more comfortable and confident about my successful transition to college.”