MESA Charter High School

MESA (Math, Engineering, and Science Academy) Charter High School is a standalone high school that serves around 500 students in grades 9-12. The school graduates over 93% of its students every year, sending them to top SUNY, CUNY, and private universities.  

Meringoff funding supports MESA’s "13th Grade”, an innovative approach to assist current students and alumni with workforce and career readiness skills. Paired with a multi-year sequence of career exploration, students gain valuable work experience while alumni receive college persistence supports and placements in meaningful career training programs.

"In my college Education course we talked about the inequalities we see in the education system, and as future teachers, how we can change that. I started reflecting over my time at MESA, and I kept thinking about how grateful I truly am to have graduated from MESA.  MESA gives its students so many resources like Engineering, Computer Science, Psychology or STEM--classes many of my classmates probably would've wanted.  I want to say thank you for the amazing opportunities MESA offered, things I often took for granted. I really enjoyed my time at MESA and I will be eternally grateful for the resources it provided."