School in the Square

School in the Square (S2) is a public charter school in Washington Heights and Inwood that engages, educates, and empowers its students to respond mindfully and creatively to life’s opportunities and challenges while providing a differentiated, personalized and inclusive learning environment. During the pandemic, the school became a critical resource hub for over 2000 families in the community, primarily as a mobile food market.

The Meringoff Family Foundation's multi-year grant will continue to fund S2's Family Support Program, as well as its ambitious 5-Year Growth Plan that includes “growing up” into a high school in 2023. With our grant, S2 will launch a civic service and workforce development high school program.

“Saying thank you is the only thing I can express. I feel that all those who work at this school make me and my family feel that we are not alone.” 

--S2 Parent