Urban Dove

Urban Dove deploys a unique combination of academics, life skills, job skills and sports to engage, energize and educate youth in low-income communities.  In its signature program, high school Youth Staff coach younger kids in year-round sports and recreation programs. Urban Dove’s teens succeed impressively: to date, 98% have graduated high school, 95% have gone to college, and over 90% have either graduated or remain in college.

Foundation funding supports the organization’s Youth Leadership Retreats, which provide training, team-building, and life-skills to its Youth Staff mentors.  These overnight trips also get participants comfortable leaving home, and prepare them for college dorm life.

“Urban Dove is a program that provided me with essential life skills and connections that I will never forget. I have not only gained a bunch of friends, but I have gained a family.  I have become a better person and a better student as a result of joining the Urban Dove family.”