Veterinarians International

VI seeks to create access to skilled veterinary care for all animals worldwide, exemplifying kindness and compassion toward animals and in tandem with local organizations, educating local communities to do the same.

MFF funding will support the welfare of some of the most endangered animals on the Ol Jogi Conservatory in Kenya and help grow Kenya's capacity to care for wildlife by supporting the University of Nairobi's Veterinarian Medicine program.  This grant will also provide diagnostic equipment, medicine, and training to prevent disease in both animals and people, as well as train and educate veterinarians, animal care providers and the public to understand animal behavior and build awareness of the human-animal connection.

“The human animal bond is an integral component to our well-being. I am pleased to incorporate behavior modification into Veterinarians International’s programs. We are not only preventing and eliminating disease in both animals and people, but enhancing welfare for all,”

--Veterinarians International founder and president, Dr. Scarlett Magda.